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An Introduction to the Physiology of Hearing

Title :              An Introduction to the Physiology of Hearing
Author(s):      James O. Pickles
Publisher:       Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Year:               2012
Language:      English
Edition:           4th
Pages:             434
Size:                15 MB
Kode Pemesanan:     EK-EM12021

Anatomy & Human Movement

Title :              Anatomy & Human Movement
Author(s):      Nigel Palastanga, Roger Soames
Publisher:       Elsevier
Year:               2011
Language:      English
Edition:           6th
Pages:             635
Size:                34 MB

Kode Pemesanan:     EK-EL11020

Anatomy for Anaesthetists

Title :              Anatomy for Anaesthetists
Author(s):      Harold Ellis, Andrew Lawson
Publisher:       Wiley-Blackwell
Year:               2013
Language:      English
Edition:           9th
Pages:             360
Size:                37 MB
Kode Pemesanan:     EK-WB13019